Testimonials from our customers:


My name is Bunn Gray (active duty military) and last week, my wife Lisa spoke to one of your employees, she ordered 25 feet of your 3/16 brake line and various fittings. This past weekend was the last time that I could be home to help my boys work on their 1966 Mustang. She called on a Thursday around 4 p.m. and your product arrived at my house in Raleigh, North Carolina, Friday at noon. Please share this email with whomever you'd like. Your product is a piece of cake to work with, all the fittings were the correct size, and your company is number one in my book. As I set sail for our seven month deployment, I have told EVERYONE on the ship how great your company is, and how you guys took care of me so that my last weekend home working with my boys was a very enjoyable one. We were able to get ALL the lines installed without any issues. The 90/10 was so easy to double flare and easy to form and fit the runs throughout the car.

Trust me, if I every hear of anyone who needs to replace lines, they will for sure get your website from me. ABSOLUTELY, the best product I've worked with.

Very respectfully,
Bunn F Gray
Weapons Department

To all the folks at FedHill,

We just wanted to say thank you so much for the brake parts you sent. It is not always easy getting parts or products shipped to an APO address (many companies feel it is too large of an inconvenience to go to the USPS for shipping). You not only went out of your way, but also at no charge. The support you give your military is to be commended.

I would have liked to have sent you a case of German beer as a thank you, but the USPS frowns on shipping alcoholic beverages. We hope you enjoy the candy it was the least we could do for you. We wish all of you a happy and prosperous new year. If ever we need any other product that you offer, your team will be the top of list. Not because of the price, but because you care (PRICELESS).

Thanks again, if we can ever do something for you let us know.

The Huyghe Family
James Huyghe

Morning Tim,

I would like to thank you for locating and importing a wonderful well made tool and for the very prompt service. It does everything that you promised, accurate, repeatable (no old maids yet), and fast. After a month of frustration and nearly 100 unacceptable flared ends, I was about at my wits end, I was kind of gun shy from the failure rate of all the other tools that I have tried. Let's just say, that I was very skeptical about your claims, so since receiving it on Tuesday (ordered on Friday), I made about four dozen samples in a variety of materials from various vendors. Fast; once prepped about 10 to 20 second turnaround, accurate, not one, single bad looking end, repeatable; every one looked better than the factory flares. This was true for the bubble and double flares done with your tubing samples, my 1/4" 304 SS and the OEM Bundyweld. Absolutely no slippage or marring of the tube beneath the flare nut, and dead on center every time.

Thanks again, I could not be happier with the results and I will do all I can to pass this on.

Denny Graham
Sandwich, IL

Tim -

As I mentioned when we talked, I'm extremely pleased with how well all of that went. I was really dreading the job and honestly had no idea how I was going to complete it before I found your company. I felt a little bit better after talking w/ you when I ordered the stuff, but once I got everything and started working, I was shocked at how well it went. The rental fittings kit is a stroke of genius.

Thanks again!

Dear Sir,

I received the brake-line that you shipped me last week (Thursday). I opened the box and was impressed at the quality of the brake line and the bubble flares that you made. I put on my coat and headed for the garage. I bent the line to fit and was bleeding my brakes in an hour and fifteen minutes. The brake line went on quicker than I thought. I was out driving the car in no time. I may be calling you soon to order two new brake lines for the rear. I just bought this vehicle. I had no idea that this thing even had four wheel disc brakes. The rear brake hoses and calipers look like the fronts did (rusted bad). I am glad you were there to save me from grief. I was about to go hunting at the junk yard. I was pissed that the dealer nor no other parts store had what I needed. I'm glad I was able to find you online. I hope your business does well so that I can count on you again in the future. Have a good day.

Thanks again,
Brent Roper


I would like to thank you for allowing me to rent the flare tool. I have never worked with brake line before but using that tool sure made easy work out of it. The flexibility in the 90/10 brake line is excellent. I was able to replace all of the brake line in my F150 without any trouble at all.

I won't hesitate to recommend your product to others. I am glad that I found you on the internet. I can't imagine trying to figure out everything that I needed through the local guys. Your kit gave me every nut that I needed and then some. I have enclosed the extra nuts in this package as I'm sure you'll find a use for them before I will. I don't plan to do more brake line in the near future but when the need arises I will certainly be giving you a call again.

Dan Kuhnert


Just wanted to drop you a note that I finished the brake job, new pads and your brake lines and fittings. All went well and it was a good thing your Cu lines were so malleable as 1 line on the 95 Eldorado was 12' long.

Thanks for your help


Thank you for the great service, brake line and tools. I could not have done this job without it. I had tried to do it with regular brake line before ordering from you. I hope I can get you more business from showing your brake line and my Trofeo. I snapped a few pictures of my job and the manual so you can see how much fun it was.

Thank you again,

Dear FedHill:

I felt compelled to write and say thanks for the great product and service. The order process was easy and the shipping time extremely fast. As a commercial snowplow company, we've learned the necessity of having brake repair supplies in stock at all times. Thanks to FedHill we have had 100% uptime and no brake related failures at all this season. Your product is so easy to install, my mechanics are doing preventive maintenance on brake lines, something that was never done before. In short, your product has made my business easier to run and more profitable in one easy step. Thanks for providing a great product.

King's Home Service

I thought I'd share this letter, though it has nothing to do with brake lines. I'd like to add here that not everybody should attempt to replace their brake lines. On occasion people call about our product because they did not like the price to have the job done professionally. Replacing brake lines is hard work and you need to be a serious DIY'er. I may let you know if I don't think you should fix your own brake lines.

Dear Tim,

After helping me, at different times and over the phone, with the ignition problem on my "82 Aston V8, with its faulty fuel pump, and with its wired oil drain plug - if not more - I thought that I would write you a very serious Thank You note. From the day I first drove my "68 XKE in and watched you pall as you instantly recognized an unwanted model with too many troubles (several of which you repaired) to those last phone calls, you have shared invaluable advice to compliment your lofty skills with a wrench. I thoroughly enjoyed pouring over my "67 DB6 with you, determining what needs restoration, what "might not", and, in particular, coming to several reasonable conclusions about the car's real condition and its place in my life.
Your observation - in-your-face as it was - that I probably best not own a temperamental car to which I will show the same lack of attention as shown to my past cars, well that certainly showed your character - and bravery. And in fact, you are dead right, to this day. So, as the Holidays approach and bring on a New Year, certainly with new issues facing us as a people and as a Nation, please keep up your excellent work, your wonderful work ethic and your healthy commitment to honesty.

Warm Regards,
Anthony Thompson

Some Of The Many Fun Things You Can Do With Cunifer

db4 gt zagato

Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato
Credit/Steel wings

UNCC Formula SAE Team

UNCC Formula SAE


Alfa Romeo in La Carrera Pan America
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Credit/David Foley

Stainless Jeep

Stainless Steel Jeep in Alaska

Aston Martin MKII

1957 Aston Martin
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Cunifer used as muffler hanger
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Air nozzle

Air Nozzle


Heart Shape
Just fooling around
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