Cunifer Copper Nickel Brake Lines – Never Deal with Rusty Lines Again

If you’ve ever had to deal with rusted brake lines, you know how much of a pain it can be to replace them. Even after you replace them, you end up doing it all over again in a few years. (Or if you’re a snowplow operator, the next year.)

Cunifer is made from Copper Nickel Alloy, a completely corrosion proof metal that can withstand even the most severe conditions. Once it’s installed, your lines will never rust away again.

Prior to being used for automotive applications, Copper Nickle has been used for hydraulic lines on tankers, and on ships for its excellent corrosion resistance.

What About the Competition?

Since Fedhill’s founding in 1995, many companies have released cheap imitations of our Copper Nickel Tubing. We directly represent the manufacturer, and are the only place to find the original, rust proof Cunifer Brake Line that’s Made in Britain.

Customers calling with problems using the imitation tubing alerted us to investigate the competition.

In order to drive down the cost, American manufactures have reduced the wall thickness below SAE specification. The bare minimum SAE specification for wall thickness is .025” We purchased some of their tubing and found it was only .022” thick. Some mechanics have even reported a wall thickness of only .019”! The fact that it is nowhere near specification is alarming.

Fedhill brake line is always to spec.

We also purchased Indian Made Copper Nickle Tubing, and found that the metal content is way off. Copper Nickel Alloy contains a mixture of Copper, Nickel and Iron. If there is too much Nickel or Iron in the alloy, it becomes brittle and cracks. This presents a major safety hazard, as the tubing may crack and burst while it’s on the vehicle.

Thankfully, the customers who called us noticed this problem after they flared the tube, and never installed it on the vehicle.

Needless to say, those customers ditched the imitation tubing and decided to go with the Original Cunifer, Made in Britain.



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