CNF10mm x 25 ft - 10mm OD tubing x 25 foot coil

25' long Copper Nickel Brake Line
25' long Copper Nickel Brake Line10mm OD cunifer 90/10 tubing x 25 foot coil
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10mm OD tubing x 25 foot coil
You will need a tube bender for this size tubing.
Theoretical bursting pressure - 7400 lb/in (psi)
Recommended max. working pressure at 5 to 1 safety factor with appropriate fittings - 1400 lb/in (psi)
Wall Thickness - 0.7mm 
Cunifer hydraulic brake line conforms to SAE J1650 standard for seamless copper-nickel 90-10 tubing for use in hydraulic brake pressure lines.
Its dimensions, tensile strength, proof pressure, formability and internal cleanliness conform to international brake tubing specifications
including SAE J1650, BS 2871, ASTM A254, SMMT C5B and DIN 74234.
Part Number: CNF10mm x 25 ft



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