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Specializing in Aston Martin repair and service in Atlanta since 1981, Tim Beachboard saw daily the value of quality craftsmanship that the British offered. Exotic cars called for different materials and techniques than what was offered by the mass market.

After moving to New England, Tim quickly realized that Cunifer brake line would be a far better replacement to the steel brake lines being used. Knowing the ease of use and superior qualities of Cunifer tubing, but no supplier in North America, he sought to fill the niche.

Federal Hill Trading Company was formed in 1995 as the North American mill agent for Cunifer brake line. Providing brake line to manufacturers and repair professionals we recognized the difficulties in finding the necessary nuts, fittings and tooling to produce OEM quality brake lines in low volumes.

We sought out and are now agents for the same manufacturers that have been providing the highest quality tooling and fittings we have personally used for over 30 years. As a result of FedHill’s proven approach and expedient service, we are able to serve the needs of many industries.


A combination of our technical expertise with our wide stock of top quality inventory allow us to serve a diverse market, such as –

  • R&D departments at OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers (Honda, Ford, GM, Bendix, Akebono, and Siemens VDO)
  • The United States military in their overseas operations, and target practice vehicles at China Lake
  • Formula SAE race teams
  • Automotive repair shops from all across the world
  • And of course, the DIY Handyman looking for the best quality brake line

Dissatisfied with the flaring tools offered by other manufacturers, one such plant turned to FedHill to meet their demanding specifications.

The quality of our product has allowed the National Parks Department and local highway departments to serve you better through ease of use, durability and cost effectiveness of the product. With steel brake line the line must be replaced within as little as two years of the initial installation. Cunifer brake line offers a more permanent repair as the line won’t rust.

We also sponsor several Formula SAE teams across the country. A few of the universities we have sponsored include Auburn University, Dartmouth College, University of California Berkeley, and the University of Missouri at Columbia.

Restoration shops like Steel Wings, AutoSport Designs, and Paul Russell rely on us for the quality of our tubing, flaring tools, and selection of exotic nuts. These shops show cars competitively and demand only the best for every part of the vehicle, right down to the brake lines.

Repair shops use our product as well due to the rust proof nature and its ease of use. It saves them time and money and those savings are passed along to you, the consumer, by having a more permanent repair to your vehicle.

No matter the scale of your project, whether it is your personal car or for a military application, we offer the same quality service and advice to help you get the job done.


FedHill represents several British manufacturing firms that are all ISO certified. For large volume orders, please call and we will be happy to help.



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