#6 Nut Assortment - 8 each M1-3, 4 each M1L-3, 2 each M6-3

#6 Brake Line Nut Assortment
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Common metric nut assortment for European cars 3/16”4.75mm tube -14 pieces
These nuts work with both SAE (45 degree/ inverted/double) and DIN (bubble/ISO) flares
8 ea M1-3 standard metric European nut - 10mm x 1.0 non-threaded lead - 17mm long
4 ea M1L-3 standard metric long European nut - 10mm x 1.0 non-threaded lead - 23mm long
2 ea M6-3 standard European master cylinder nut - 12mm x 1.0 non-threaded lead - 20mm long
Enough to make 7 brake lines
Long style nuts are preferred in high vibration areas
Part Number: #6 Nut Assortment



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